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Hwidgen DownloadHwidgen enables users to activate Windows 10 (including VL editions) with a permanent digital licence. The process is simple and requires no internet connection or product key.

Hwidgen was developed as part of the Universal Silent Switch Finder (USSF) project, which allows for automated activation of Windows 10 using a specific method to detect the Hardware ID or “HWID” of the system. With this method, the activation is stored in the Windows registry and the system will remain permanently activated even if the hardware components are changed.

The process is relatively straightforward and requires no manual input from the user. It starts with obtaining a KMS38 key from Microsoft’s public servers. This key is then used to download and install the “Hdrive” application which unlocks some hidden functions of Windows 10.

With that application installed, users can then use Hwidgen to permanently activate Windows 10 with the KMS38 key. Once the process is finished, the system will be permanently activated even when hardware components are changed.

This is especially useful for users who are using older hardware or who are installing Windows on new hardware systems. The activation is specifically designed to ensure longevity of the activation even after hardware upgrades and digital licence is permanent.

Hwidgen is an easy-to-use powerful tool for permanently activating Windows 10. It is especially useful for users who need to install Windows 10 on a fresh system or upgrade existing hardware. The process is simple and requires no internet connection or product key.

With Hwidgen, users can activate Windows 10 with a KMS38 key and have a permanent digital licence that remains in effect, even after hardware components are changed. You can also download Re-Loader Activator

Hwidgen Full Version Features:

  • Easy to use GUI: HWIDGen offers a user-friendly graphical interface that makes activating Windows 10 (including VL Editions) quick and easy.
  • Remove all existing activation issues: It removes any existing activation issues from your system, providing a clean and stable installation.
  • Create digital licence to activate Windows 10: HWIDGen creates a permanent digital licence, which you can use to activate Windows 10 without an internet connection.
  • Supports the latest version of Windows 10: It is optimized for the latest version of Windows 10, including VL Editions.
  • No additional hardware required: HWIDGen does not require any additional hardware to be purchased.
  • Retrieve valid Product IDs: It will assemble your piece-by-piece valid Product IDs for activation.
  • No expiration: The digital licence created by HWIDGen is permanent and will never expire.
  • Support for multiple languages: HWIDGen is available in various languages, making it a truly global solution.
  • Activate from own Microsoft account: You can use your own Microsoft account to activate Windows 10.

Supported Windows 10 editions (SKUs):

  • Core (Home) (N)
  • CoreSingleLanguage (N)
  • Professional (N)
  • ProfessionalEducation (N)
  • ProfessionalWorkstation (N)
  • Education (N)
  • Enterprise (N)
  • EnterpriseS (N) [2015/2016: Digital License]
  • EnterpriseS (N) [2019: Offline KMS with 19 years (similiar to EnterpriseG]
  • ServerStandard(Core) (N) [2016/2019: Offline KMS with 19 years (similiar to EnterpriseG]
  • ServerDatacenterCore) (N) [2016/2019: Offline KMS with 19 years (similiar to EnterpriseG]
  • ServerSolution(Core) (N) [2016/2019: Offline KMS with 19 years (similiar to EnterpriseG].

HwidgenHWIDGen Technical Information:

  • Application Name: Hwidgen 62.01
  • Setup Type: Offline Installer
  • Release On: 20th May 2019
  • Total Size: 2.7 MB
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How to Install Hwidgen?

  1. Download the HWIDGEN from the Upper link.
  2. Make sure to download the latest version of the software.
  3. Extract the zip file to a folder of your choice (Use zip password – tntzii.com).
  4. Once the download is complete, extract the contents of the downloaded Zip file to a folder on your computer.
  5. Launch the program.
  6. Select the Windows 10 OS version you would like to activate and click “Generate”.
  7. Now click patch.
  8. Restart your computer for the changes to take effect.
  9. Your Windows 10 OS should now be permanently activated using the Digital Licence provided by HWIDGEN.

Download Hwidgen is an effective and reliable Windows activator tool that provides a permanent digital license for Windows 10, including VL editions. The activation process is fast and easy, making it a simple and secure way to truly unlock the full potential of your operating system.

With its help, users can quickly and safely move their existing Windows license to another computer. As a result, users can enjoy a fully activated version of Windows 10 without any costly or time-consuming product key purchasing.

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