How to Download Adobe Zii?

Everyone recently google warring our website for hosts files that are not commonly downloaded (Contain suspicious or unknown software). That’s why we made some change our direct download link. Now TNTZii.Com make upload website. Don’t worry right now you can easily download any adobe zii 2022 patcher Or adobe zii 2021 patcher Or adobe zii 2020 patcher Or adobe zii 2019 patcher. So bellow i give you new upload website download process with tutorial. If some one face any problem with our download link just comment bellow TNTZii.Com replay as soon as possible. Thanks.

  1. First click download link (You find download link article middle). Or below see Image for Example.

Adobe Zii Download Link

  1. Then one landing page open your browser.

Adobe Zii Download

  1. Now write CAPTCHA word and click ✔ this mark.

Zii Patcher Download

  1. This website redirect new page and now download link available. Just need one click. It’s automatic start instant.

Adobe Zii Patcher Download

  1. When you unzip it need password use for zip password.

  1. How to Install Adobe Zii Patcher Click here

  1. All Done! Enjoy full features Adobe Zii Application.

Adobe Zii Update Version
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28 Replies to “How to Download Adobe Zii?”

  1. Hi,

    I am trying to download the Adobe Zii file when this message appears > Decompression failed. How can i solve this problem?

    1. hey, it’s not our problem. it’s your PC problem below i give you one solution if not work just search google for more information.. thanks

      Decompression Failed Solution
      This error occurs in Safari if the “Open Safe Files” option is on. When the download is completed, Safari will attempt to unzip the archive but return this message.
      To resolve this issue; # Disable the “Open Safe Files” option in the General tab of Safari settings # Use a different browser

  2. ciao, non funziona.

    Mi dice Adobe Zii 2019 4.5.0 è danneggiato e non può essere aperto. Dovresti spostarlo nel Cestino. Cosa posso fare?

  3. Hey the patch 5.1.1 works for all apps without Indesign 15.0.1, Photoshop 21.0.2 and Illustrator 24.0.1, the trial days still running. Can You help me with some tip?


      1. Hey Jack,
        Mine isn´t working well. The trial days is counting, I only have 4 days to solve this 🙁
        I am really worried about. I’ve run the patch for a several times and nothing, it keeps the same way.

  4. I have this comment on my mac “Adobe Zii 2020 5.1.4” está dañado y no puede abrirse. Deberías moverlo al basurero.

  5. Hi
    i can’t download the file because when i put the Captcha, it always gives a new one and does not download.
    can you please help?
    thank you!

  6. hey, I tried to download it and it saying that it has a password please help. im using a Mac

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